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Deathly Hallows: My First Reactions

So... Book Seven. Oh. My. God. I'm definitely rereading it this week so I can pick up the finer details. HPL already has a day to day calendar up. First, though, some general reactions. A refined reaction will come later this week after the reread.

First, I was wrong. The whole trio plus Ginny, Neville, and Luna live. I thought at least two of them would die, but then there'd be a sad ending.

Oh, speaking of Neville, he was all shades of awesome in DH. Leading the resistance (Support Harry Potter parties--hee), killing Nagini, standing up to Voldemort himself.

One person I wasn't particularly happy with was also one of my favorites--Lupin. I can understand his attitude, but honestly. First he marries Tonks against his will, and then he tries to get out of it when Tonks is pregnant. At least he became Daddy Extraordinaire when Teddy Lupin was born, though. But Lupin and Tonks died. Poor Teddy. So who raised Teddy? Harry was godfather, but somehow I don't think he'd be the one raising Teddy--not that young, anyway. Andromeda was still alive, and she was looking after Teddy during the Battle of Hogwarts, so she was probably that person.

OH! I was right about the final battle taking place at Hogwarts! I can't remember whether it was here or where, but I said something about everyone coming to Hogwarts to fight.

Also, Ravenclaw had their day! (cue many exclamation marks here) I kind of figured that ghost who got mentioned several times but never spoke was the ghost of Ravenclaw. I love her backstory, too, because it means EEEEE more interesting little details, and will JKR please write Hogwarts, a History? (I know, no more books, but still. My not-so-inner Ravenclaw wants it.) But I love the Ravenclaw common room, especially the fact that they don't even have passwords at all but puzzles they have to solve. I LOVE IT. I actually solved them, too. Yes, I'm definitely a Ravenclaw at heart. Oh, and their common room is perfect--stacks of books everywhere, blue and bronze everywhere (but did that change to gold at one point?)

Luna! We get to see her again, and we get to meet her dad! Her dad's name is perfect, absolutely perfect. I imagine him to look just like Flitwick, but a bit taller. Sure, Mr. Lovegood turned out to be a tad bit of a coward, but it's understandable under these circumstances: he was telling the truth, telling them to do the right thing, and they took his daughter away.

Oh, and the little things going on to support Harry while they're on the run, like the Support Harry Potter party and Potterwatch. Potterwatch reminds me of Pottercast and Mugglecast. You know, JKR started the diary section of her website in 2006, the year she started writing DH, and on Mugglecast, they joked that since she jumped on the blog bandwagon, maybe she'd start a J.K. Rowling podcast. "Next time on the JK Rowling podcast..." Which was the first thing I thought of when I saw Potterwatch. I doubt the real life version would happen, but still.

We get little details! The Muggle Studies professor's name (it was on a notepad on JKR's website, but now it's officially canon!), the Malfoy family's wands and Bellatrix's wand and wee tiny details that I crave, and the Potters had a cat! We get dates! Not just month and day, but years, for James and Lily! And these dates line up perfectly with the HPL timeline, so except for a couple of inconsistencies, like when Dumbledore became headmaster, that nothing can fix, the HPL timeline is consistent, and that was just working from the Nearly Headless Nick's deathday cake. YAY!

Speaking of Godric's Hollow, that was one of the few places I cried in the first read-through. The other was when Harry sees his parents and Sirius and Lupin again. I didn't even cry when Lupin died, but on rereading random chapters, I did cry when Molly took on Bellatrix. More like tears of joy, though, while cheering. I was too busy cheering the first time. "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" I was kind of hoping Neville would take Bella out, but if Neville didn't, who better than Molly?

Only one Weasley died. This shocked me a little; I was expecting at least two to go. But considering their track record going into the thick of things--Ginny has been possessed, Arthur has been bitten, Ron has been poisoined, Bill has been attacked by Fenrir, Percy has turned away from the family (but he turned back! awwwww), and George got his ear cursed off, that left very few Weasleys left to do major stuff to. Molly got the spotlight, and that left Fred to die. I was kind of sad not to see more of Charlie in action, though, as he's my favorite Weasley.

There were some things that were absolutely brilliant about the book. The takeover of the Ministry and how the trio was on the run afterward--absolutely brilliant. We all know how I love dystopian novels. That's what the takeover at the Ministry and all the hiding afterward and the taboo and life at Hogwarts were--this creation of a dystopian society with Voldemort as Big Brother. You don't actually see him until the end, but you know he's there. And you always, always have to have some way to catch those people who oppose the Ministry.

What else? The Deathly Hallows... Finally we know exactly what the title was all about! BUt what really bugged me about it was that we didn't find out what the hallows themselves were until halfway through, even though hints and clues were planted all the way through the first half of the plot. Normally I'd complain that there wouldn't be enough time to develop a plot around it, but there were so many strings around it. I was trying to untangle the plot strings, but they won't untangle. Or rather, if you take out one plot string, the entire thing falls apart. You need all of them in there. I'm still busy tying everything together, which is why I'm rereading it this week. I'll probably write something on the Hallows themselves after rereading and taking everything Hallow-specific in.

But we got to find out about Dumbledore and his past, which is something I've always wanted to know about. Man, he was an arrogant little berk back in the day. Guess it was always good to know that he was human after all. And he was friends with Grindelwald! Wow.

Oh, and Snape. Ohhhh, Snape. That he was in love with Lily was predictable. That Snape was good was also predictable, even if I wasn't completely leaning that way at the beginning of the week while rereading Goblet. I really should have changed my vote after finishing HBP, though, as that one sealed the deal for me for Snape's loyalty, despite Snape killing Dumbledore. We got to see Tuney, though!

And remember the "Rocks fall. Everyone dies" fake spoiler? Turns out that's not so fake after all. Remember how Fred died? Half the corridor fell in. Rocks fell. Fred died. :( And boy, were there a lot of deaths in this book. I was expecting more, to be honest, but that's the madwoman in me.

OH AND THAT EPILOGUE. Sorry about the capslock. Guess this means they're all straight after all How on earth did Harry convince Ginny to name their kid Albus Severus? I can understand James and Lily, although that did make reading the epilogue a little confusing at first. But Albus Severus? That must have taken a lot of convincing. But Scorpius Malfoy's name's a laugh. Leave it to Draco to continue the family tradition of coming up with wacked-out names. But this means we have a new ship to sail: as/s--the next generation.

I was right about Neville being professor, though, completely off-topic. And even though the epilogue wasn't my favorite part of the book because I want even more information, I have no plans of tearing it out like some people are doing. Yeah, 'wtf' is right. Seriously, I have links. I'll have a Potterdammerung report up tomorrow or Tuesday.

I haven't even touched on some of the stuff, like the final battle. Guess that's a job for tomorrow.

And now to sleep.
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