August 2nd, 2005


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The normal county school system goes back to school on Thursday.


I know it's some sort of wild attempt toward year-round school, but it's weird. Two days from now, all my old high school friends will be back in the classroom, trying to bully their brains into learning something, and I'll be back at home, trying to bully my brain into doing something for three more weeks until I leave for college.

But even by the college standard, I start school late. I asked some of my other friends when they go back to school. They gave me answers. "The 18th." "The 22nd."

I leave on the 26th. Late, even by college standards. Get this, though. I don't start classes until the 31st. That would be orientation weekend (where my parents are harping over me, and my parents--especially Mum--already think I don't have any friends). Luckily, they have to leave on Sunday.

Then the fun begins.