August 27th, 2005


Meeting the president...

...of Agnes!

We had the continental breakfast. It was a rather long line to get the juice, but MBB (that would be President Dr. Bullock to non-Scotties) was at the end of the line greeting all of us, mostly by family since most of us had parents with us. I told Mum and Dad to meet me there, but when I arrived at the campus center, I just went in. (Give me a break; I was hungry!) So I grabbed my juice and stood in line to greet Dr. Bullock, whom I had met once before, but I don't know if she remembers that. When it was my turn, I shook her hand with one hand while holding the juice with the other and introduced myself.

And I spilled juice all over the pristine floor.

To make things even worse, as I was standing there talking to her, my cell phone rang. My ring is set to the Can Can, so while I'm sitting there trying to laugh it off, I could imagine MBB creating that way to remember me in her head.

I found Mum later. She had called.

I also saw MBB later today. We did greet each other, but neither said anything about the juice incident.

I guess she'll remember me forever because of this--the girl who spilled orange juice while meeting her. Heh.