September 24th, 2005


I received a telepathic message today in Vampires...

Sama sent you a telepathic message! "I haven't seen your name in any of the clan RPs that commonly take place here in the city. Would you like to learn about them? join for more information."

That's true; I don't do any of the clan RPs. Of course, I'm still working on getting powers, so maybe I'll consider a clan after I'm fully powered.


On another note, I'm on a Suction quest since I just got attacked by 234324 vampire hunters, just finished a Stamina quest, and have virtually no blood left. Yay!

Edit a few minutes later: I finished Suction in one day! Hooray!

More blogthings!

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In other news, the Internet in the dorms are down, so I'm updating via Alston. Black Cat starts tomorrow night. (!!!) Good news: one part of my job is almost over. More news: Yet another part of my job is about to begin. As in, class treasurer. Yes, I got sucked in, or rather, I ran and got elected. I'm finally putting my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to good use.