October 29th, 2005


I think the world is plotting against me.

Look at the first week of November. Just look!

Tuesday (1 November) and everything beforehand
* Start researching for anthro project/paper (the proposal is due Monday, and I have no idea what I'm researching.)
* Finish math homework (due Wednesday)
* Finish reading from Le Horla for French and questions on it for French for Wednesday
* Research my part for philosophy disputation
* read article for group reading on Wednesday
* start writing Nanowrimo novel

Wednesday (2 November)
* write novel
* research
* philosophy disputation
* anthro group reading presentation
* start writing that week's response paper for anthro
* math homework due
* receive math quiz

Thursday (3 November)
* write novel
* study for philsophy test
* write anthro paper
* research
* presumably, more of Le Horla, and it's hard to read ahead because she gives us handouts containing what we have to read (Wow, I actually have to-gasp-work in French now.)

Friday (4 November)
* write novel
* philosophy test
* anthro paper due
* presumably, another math assignment
* also presumably, we'll have our just-turned-in assignments back and be working on corrections
* math quiz due

I'm glad I didn't tell family to come down for family weekend (which happens to be 4-6 November). I wouldn't have time to spend with them, but I don't mind that too much. They're used to my insanity in November (or rather, more insanity in November). They just don't accept it as a social norm.

And sometime before the first, I need to do laundry too. Maybe everyone will be out tonight and I'll have the laundry room to myself. Ha. I guess I can dream. It's worth a try, though.

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