November 6th, 2005


Nanowrimo 2005 Progress: Week One

Nanowrimo Word Count: 12552 words/50000 words

Week One has been going well, to say the least. Despite the insanity that this week brought (philosophy test, the usual math assignments, anthro paper, proposal for anthro project due, actually doing stuff in French), I survived this week and actually managed to stay ahead on my word count.

I broke 10K on Day Four and celebrated by having hot chocolate with real milk. Then today I went to Java Monkey to experience my novel from a new perspective: I wrote by hand. Even though I started the day at a new chapter, something I try not to do, I wrote nearly 1400 words in a little over an hour. I don't think I can do that by typing. Wow.

This winging it is also working out well. I found out that my main character, Dameon, likes egg salad sandwiches. I discovered the life of the unemployed. I found out that Dameon isn't alone in thinking that the world will end, even though Adrienne thinks it'll end with the end of the Mayan calendar instead of the comet. Oh, and somehow Dameon is falling in love, something I didn't expect to happen. He hasn't seen her in two chapters, though. She also believes him (no, it's not Adrienne)...well, he thinks. She's hiding something, though.

However, the end of Week One (which ends after the weekend) introduces a bigger enemy: Week Two. Let's go.