November 14th, 2005


Nanowrimo Update: Week Two

Nanowrimo Word Count: 36317 words / 50000 words

Let's just say it's really good I broke 20,000 before Week TWo started. To give you a picture:

End of Day Seven: 20402 words
End of Day Fourteen: 36317 words

That's just the general picture. On a good note, I did reach quota (1667 words) per day every day during Week Two. (In fact, I've done that every day this month.) Of course, I have the incentive of hot chocolate after I reach quota, which might explain a few things.

Now, for some general comments on Week Two, even though all you really need to know is that it's the hardest. Enough said. Besides, I don't feel like giving a bunch of deep philosophical things on Week Two like I did on Week One. Life's like that, je crois.

1. It seems like Week Two just kicked me during the week. Ironic. So while I was running around like a maniac getting all my work done, I couldn't squeeze out the 1667 words per day that I needed to squeeze out. Grr.

2. Also, no matter how far ahead or behind I am at the beginning of Week Two, it still kicks me for a few days while I try to make things happen. This time it lasted Monday through Friday. Naturally, I was much less cheerful than usual during the week.

3. Shea is conspiring against me. See, she normally goes to bed later than I do, but suddenly she's been going to bed earlier. What's up with that? I normally wouldn't mind, but it's November! I'm probably up writing or updating my word count. Okay, I guess November is my turn to be more annoying than usual. [insert insane grin here]

4. Remember, fellow Wrimos: Week Three is better than Week Two. Always.

Oh, and I have to share a random line from my Nano-novel from Week Two:

“They used to strip you down, whip you all over thrice with poison ivy-covered whips, glue garlic all over you, and put in the room with the yellow walls.” -Mrs. Haggerty to Dameon about being crazy