January 18th, 2006


Spring 2006 Schedule

I got to register with the sophomores today since I'm "technically" a first-year with sophomore standing. It was nice. All I did was show up and pick up my schedule after waiting in line with Shea for half an hour to solve her issues with the accounting office. After that I ate lunch. I was going to eat lunch [macaroni and cheese Wednesday, hooray!] with Shea, but I couldn't find her. I ate with Chunying from my math class last fall, which was fun. [Yes, we talked about non-mathy stuff! Gasp!]

Enough about that, though. Collapse )

I was waitlisted for fencing, but that's not a biggie. I'll take it next year. I guess this isn't the time to tell people that everything I wanted on my schedule was there, especially after hearing laments from others about half their schedules being waitlisted.


In other news, Caitlin left today. [cue tears] Caitlin's roommate [Beth], Shea, and I helped with the moving-out process, which involved much sadness on the part of the triumvirate.

I'll write about it later.