February 11th, 2006


My multivariable book knows no bounds.

It really doesn't. I was working on the problem set due Monday [still not finished!] when I came across this problem. I've seen some odd problems in this book before, including one in the first lesson asking to compare the relationship between pizza, cola, and happiness. This one was a bit...odd.

"A basketball gymnasium is 25 meters high, 80 meters wide, and 200 meters long. For a half-time stunt, the cheerleaders want to run two strings, one from each of the two corners above one basket to the diagonally opposite corners of the gym floor. What is the cosine of the angle made by the strings as they cross?"

I know it's solvable [after finding a bunch of stuff that I would normally assume if I were a practical person, such as the height of the basket], but it reminds me of that riddle where people get on and off a bus and the "question" at the end is about the bus driver's eye color. Of course, you're the bus driver. Cookies for you.

Speaking of cookies, I brought back some cookies from the observatory open house last night. [See, pinkngreen5286, I told you I went out last night!] Since I didn't eat all of them, I put them in the container with my fudge. When I took the cookies out to eat them, they were even softer than they were last night. It must be something in the marshmallow cream. Mm...