March 14th, 2006


Happy pi day!

Happy Pi Day!

1) To copy Caitlin, I cleaned out my buddy list this morning. All the people I haven't talked to in so long have been deleted à la Strong Bad.

2) Don't put all your faith in Livejournal's draft-saving thing. I did that last night, and what little I had typed became so jumbled that it took a few minutes to realize what I had typed had multiplied. Argh. Luckily I still have a paper copy. It'll go up tonight.

3) There is no number three.

pi) Go forth and spread the pi! Here's how you can celebrate:

1. Read about pi and pi day on Wikipedia.

2. Watch Hard 'n' Phirm's Pi video on Quicktime.

3. Listen to Mathematical Pi. [download the mp3 at the bottom of the page]

pi. Search pi! Is your birthday in pi? What about your phone number? What about some random number? Try to find it, and read about the mathematics behind finding these digits in pi.

4. Learn some of pi!

5. Spread the pi!