March 20th, 2006

ravenclaw: math geek

Should I change?

Remember that multivariable test I mentioned here? We got those back today. I got a 75 (out of 100) on it. [I did get full points on the last three problems, if you're curious, including the two I mentioned in the linked entry.] Since this test is 25% of my grade, this is not good. Actually, if you think about it, each problem was 2.5% of my grade. Not encouraging from that point of view.

I went to French and looked at where I screwed up--at some of the easiest things in the world, like forgetting to divide or add or whatever.

That was when the thought crossed my mind. Should I change my major to something easy?

The truth is that I love math. I really do. Even when it makes me all crazy inside and I don't know how to feel about it the next day. It's sort of like many of my high school crushes--even when he did something I didn't like, I still liked him anyway...until he did the unforgivable. Oh wow, am I getting hot for the maths?

Later I realized that even if I did change my major to something easy, I would go for the rest of my life feeling like something was missing. After all, that's why I'm double majoring. That's why I'm not graduating in three years even though I technically can (if I take an overload one year). Given the choice between math and French, if I can choose only one, I will always feel like a part of myself is missing.

Besides, math is, well, fun. Who can deny that? [waits for half my friendlist to deny it]