March 25th, 2006

ravenclaw: math geek


I ate through a pint and a half of Snickers ice cream tonight. Don't ask me why. It was tasty, though.

At brunch today, Minda, Radhika, Mary, Shea, and I were talking about stuff [I don't remember what] when Radhika mentioned that she was cold. Shea pointed out that body fat doesn't matter (as Jessi has told me so many times, since I'm always cold). "I know," Radhika said.

Minda shook her head. "Bio major," she said. [Actually, Radhika's a biochem major.] "I live with a biology major."

"I live with a poli sci major," I said, citing my disdain for politics. "Imagine what I go through."

"Well, I live with an astrophysics major," Mary said. [She has her own room this semester.]

"I live with a math major, so stop complaining!" Shea said. Hee.

Ahem. In other news, tomorrow and Monday are Achievement Weekend 2, meaning that I'm hosting prospectives again. I'm also the dorm captain this time because Colleen blackmailed talked me into it. She's normally our dorm captain, but she won't be there because of her sister's birthday.

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