March 29th, 2006


(no subject)

So although my major schedule conflict is resolved (for now, anyway), it does mean that I can't take Physics 110 for my lab science like I was planning to because it now interferes with French lit. I decided on astronomy instead because stars have cool names. [Harry Potter, anyone?] I have five distributionals left, and I can finish all of them next year except the last PE; I have a draft of a schedule that does exactly that, including two math classes and two French classes. Go me. The meeting with my advisor is tomorrow after fencing, during which I'll ask/tell him to e-mail the registrar that we met, give me special permission to take French lit, and approve my schedule draft for next year.

I just realized that I have to declare a major this time next year. Don't get me wrong; I'm pretty sure (97%; I have to account for the critic in the back of my head) that I want to double major in math and French. In fact, the math department faculty (actually, Dr. Lewin) has already hinted that I go ahead and declare my major so I can have an advisor in the math department. Unfortunately, she said this right before my "I don't want to major in math anymore!" quasi-crisis. I've actually considered declaring, but then I wonder what would happen if I changed my mind in more than a small way. Besides, I have a year to let my majors simmer. Mmm... major soup.