April 13th, 2006

foxtrot: nerds make better lovers

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What have I been doing in the past two days without updating? That's a really good question.

What I did: I've been working on the four post-it notes that I got to take down last night. I stayed up late into the night on Tuesday night to work on my linear assignment, which I would have finished sooner, but I was working on the multivariable test. I also would have worked on the think piece due today sooner, but I had everything else due Wednesday, so that was out of the question too. Bah. Anyway, I finished the linear assignment thirty minutes before class started, went to linear, went to lunch, went to multivariable, studied like crazy for my 2:30 French test, took the French test, finished my multivariable test, turned that in on time, and worked like crazy on that think piece.

Recent application statuses: I got turned down for FYI leader and turned in my application for math learning assistant. We'll see what happens. Rejection can't scar me much anymore after not getting class treasurer again and not getting on SOS, but then again, people have pointed out that I am on just about everything. Well, not quite. I also need to fill out the Big Sister and Tower Council applications, which happen to be due near the same time.

Oh! Jayme, Melissa, Nico, and I formed a team for the Scottie Math Bowl during SpARC. We get to name our team, so we named ours The Empty Set (although its members are very much existant). The others are Rulers of the Domain, The Klein 4 Group, and a currently unnamed group (in Dr. Koch's words: "if I don't get a name they will be called 'Dr. Koch is a great professor and a wonderful human being'").

With that, I'm off to do something more productive before class; I'll write something of substance later.