April 20th, 2006

calvin and hobbes: don't want to study

Infinity Club Event, yay!

Today we used the electrical fencing equipment in class. I bouted with Jesse and came from behind to win. Those electrical foils hurt when they stab you, just to let you know.

Moving on, the Infinity Club event was today. Before the talk started, I found out that Mira and Kelso also got math LA positions for next year (yay!), and that Kelso and I are working in the same section of Calc I. The speaker was very engaging, but most of it wasn't new to me, as I've already encountered it in 204 and FYS.

The book awards came after the talk. I had no idea what the book awards really were, and I was eager to find out. So when Dr. Lewin started taking manila envelopes out of her bag and saying stuff, I was at rapt attention. The first book award went to someone who had taken Calc I and II this year, to someone I didn't know [not that this was standard; this just happened to be the case]. The second went to someone who had taken Calc II and a 200-level course this year. There were two of these, and they went to Mira and Elizabeth (a chem major in multivariable with Mira, Kelso, and me). The third went to people in 200-level courses. There were two of these as well, and they went to Melissa (from 204, linear, and my Scottie Math Bowl team) and me.

So I went up, shook Dr. Lewin's hand as she gave me my manila envelope, let Linnet take a picture of us, and sat down again. After this, Mira and I were incredibly curious as to what was bulging inside our envelopes, so we opened them. These were the book awards. I noticed that my book was different from Mira's and from Melissa's (they had the same book). I don't remember what their book was, but mine was Reality Connection: Short Mathematical Fiction. Ooh...

During pizza and math department bonding afterwards, those in my FYS who stayed (Mira, Marybeth, and I) and Dr. Lewin talked with the speaker. Before I left, Dr. Lewin asked me if she had gotten the message across to me to come.

"Considering you asked me six times whether I was coming, I think you did," I said. She went on to tell me that she had chosen that book just for me since it sounded like a "Sujin book". For those who don't know, which is about...oh, two of you, I write fiction, and she knows this. Naturally, math and fiction together are perfect for me. I feel special.

I got back to my room and noticed the two sheets on cardboard. There was a certificate there too, honoring me for my "demonstration of talent, enthusiasm, and promise in the 200 level mathematics courses at Agnes Scott College". Well. I guess I did something worth doing this year after all.

Also, I metaquoted Dickdrive. Go read it; the comments are rather funny.