April 23rd, 2006


Who knew?

Apparently Henri Poincaré was in the Académie Française. Awesome. This is what I get when I should be working on my presentation.

So of course I had to go back and add "mathematicians" to "Qui sont les immortels?". I couldn't resist. I think Laplace was too, come to think of it... [goes to check] He was. A lot of them were writers, so I get really excited over the mathematicians for obvious reasons.

Now back to the presentation.

Methinks my watch is dying.

I just took the linear test. I didn't look at the time before I left for the library, but my watch said 6:00 when I began the test. I didn't question this, even though I came in from dinner after six. I spent some time studying for the test before I began, so the material would be fresh on my mind. We know how well that works, though. The test was okay on the whole. I ran out of time (two hours) before truly completing the last two problems. After two hours were up (8:00), I returned to my room.

"Wow, that didn't take too long," Shea said when I came in. "How long did it take?"

"It didn't?" I replied. I looked at my watch. Eight. I looked at my alarm clock. 9:47. What on earth??

"It's eight, right?" I asked, looking back at my watch.

"Uh, I hope you didn't use that to time your test," she said.

Oops. I had. Lesson: There was a very good chance I took less than two hours on the test. I really could have used that time, too.

Which means I may need a new watch battery since the watch is now nearly two hours slow. I need to get it before finals since I can't time by my cell phone during the exam period. [This will matter only during the linear final since it's my only self-scheduled exam; I just like to know how much time has passed.]

Time is weird. Even though we're so conditioned to our own time, we could go on a different time system and not notice it. "Oh, that was an hour? Okay!" It's trickery, I tell you. I just went on a slightly different time system and didn't notice it until Shea yanked me back into reality. Weird.

P.S. I finished the French presentation! Yay! I just have to present it tomorrow. This should be interesting.

P.P.S. I find my poll results interesting, especially to questions 1 and 3. 1) I would have thought that more people had pens. I'm also quite curious as to why you guessed what you did to question one.

Edit: I have further evidence that time plays games on us. I take really long showers, although they don't feel that long to me. Tonight Shea and I took bets on my shower length. I said 42 minutes. She said 50 minutes. [For the record, the average is between the two.] I showered and returned. "Well?" I asked.

Shea looked at the clock. "I can't believe it," she said. "You took only 27 minutes." Wow. I too am amazed.