May 3rd, 2006

note to self

Reading Day the First

Today looks unproductive on the surface, but it really wasn't that bad.

I was working on my multivariable test when I had a mathgasm. Unfortunately, a siren went off at the same time. The fire siren.

Now, most people would run out the door and out of the building for their lives. Not me. First, I grabbed my multivariable final and stuffed it in a binder--after all, I had made progress, and I didn't want to lose all that work. Then I grabbed my FYS binder in hopes of saving the draft of my final paper, even though I had e-mailed a copy to myself (although that copy wasn't slathered with the green ink that was Dr. Lewin's comments).

Then finally--finally!--I left the building, confident that all my important papers were safe in my arms. No smoke was coming from the top of the building yet. When I stopped outside Alston, though, I started to look through my FYS binder. Where was my draft? Then I remembered: I was looking over it this morning, and it was right where I had left it. On my bed. Oops.

While we were outside, I checked my mail, picked up my yearbook, and talked to several people (including Arielle, who was in her pajamas while half the physics department walked by). Then they let us back in. We didn't get to see any hot firefighters this time, though. [frown]

I also told Dr. Koch that he added up the score on Chunying's and my last linear project wrong today; and I talked to Dr. Lewin about my final paper. "You chose the hardest possible topic and did a really good job at it," she told me. "How are you going to keep out of mischief this summer?"

I thought of what Shannon told me one day: "No math for you this summer, Sujin." With this in mind, I realized she was talking about mathematical mischief, and I said that I didn't know.

The SEC/Tower Council party was this afternoon, and I won a Razzy! It's the "Roughing It" award, the one for the dorm captains who suffered through cold weather, incessant questions, and who-knows-what else during a prospective student event. When I was dorm captain, one prospective was "missing" at 12:15am, so I wound making a few calls before discovering that the prospective was just hanging out with other prospectives and didn't tell the hostess. Ah well.

Also, public service announcement: As some of you know, I'm on Trillian all the time, even with an away message. Since exams are coming, this won't be the case, especially since I have two papers to work on and I'll be at the computer a lot anyway. Here's the deal: if you have anything super-important to tell me that can't wait until 11 May (when I'll definitely be home and online again), tell me before this Thursday night (tomorrow!). Stories from back when, confessions of undying love, anything. Until the end of reading days, I'm open when I'm online sans away message.

I'm not being mean; I'm just letting you know why I'll be disappearing during finals. That should be self-explanatory, though.