May 8th, 2006

rubber ducky pirate


Learn from the master: don't turn your honey the wrong way. No, I'm not talking about the romantic variety, although that's not bad advice either.

I had hot tea today. It was black tea with orange, and I added honey. Unfortunately, I didn't have any lemon. Ah well. Anyway, the honey that I have is designed to sit upside down, and I let it sit that way in my closet when I'm not using it. Today, though, I left it on my desk when I returned to my FYS paper (I expanded my introduction, which was the hard part). I didn't think anything of it until I was back at work on my multivariable test (1, 6c, 8, and checking 11 to go!). I was working on number one when I decided to take a break. I turned to my desk intending to check my mail when I saw something light brown on my desk--something that definitely was not there earlier today.

So I looked at the honey bottle, and I saw something dripping from the side. Uh oh.

By this point, I had an even better excuse to take a break, so I ran to the bathroom, wet a towel, and wiped up the mess. Luckily it hadn't reached the floor yet, and luckily I didn't lose much honey over the incident. I did, however, turn the bottle in the right direction again, although I haven't wiped off the bottle yet. Oh dear. That sounds wrong in more ways than one.

Moving on... Surprises do spring up when you least expect them. Take my closet. It's pretty neat (no, it's not because it's nearly empty!). However, I somehow acquired a bunch of stuff from Black Cat at the end of September, and I never got a chance to store it in the student work room in Alston afterward. All this stuff found its way to my closet, and I forgot about it.

When Shea was cleaning out her closet yesterday, I decided I should probably take all that stuff back before I leave town. We took most of it back yesterday, including the flamingo legs. However, I forgot a few things. I reached into the top shelf of my closet, and guess what fell out.

Pirate coins. [Okay, for non-Scotties: Black Cat is a school tradition. Each class has a Party Day. Shea and Caitlin were Party Day co-chairs this year, and our theme was pirates. Since I was class treasurer, I was also super-involved, which might explain why Black Cat was invading my closet in May.]

That's right. They fell into my hamper, and when I tried to grab the entire bag of stuff, more coins and balloons fell into my hamper as well. So today I grabbed my chair, reached up there, and grabbed the entire bag. I'll return it tomorrow.

The whole thing is sort like that thing in movies where you see something in the first scene and forget about it, and then it pops up again when you least expect it. What was that called again?

In other news, Shea moved out today, so I have my own room for two nights. Unfortunately, this also means that half the room is empty for two days. Sigh.

I'm also the Infinity Club VP for next year. Yay! This, of course, means that I have just about sold my soul to the maths. We already knew that, though. With Nico as president, Chunying as secretary, and Brittany (rising senior mathie) as treasurer, this is going to be one interesting year. [By interesting, I mean completely awesome.]