May 15th, 2006

writing: still working on that thing

Cleaning, Day n

My room smells orgasmic. I just want to sit there and breathe in its lemon and fabric softener awesomeness.

Seriously, though, I did almost everything I intended to do today. I dusted all the shelves containing dolls. Then I dusted the dolls themselves, cleaned the shelves with lemon-scented Pledge, and rearranged the dolls to maximize shelf space. This way I could put other things there and clear things off my dresser and other shelves.

I also washed my sheets since I spread them over my bed and desk chair while I dusted the shelves over my bed. This would explain the fabric softener smell. I did keep the fabric softener; I stuck it between two sheets so it would last longer.

However, with the exception of the top of the dresser, the "et cetera" box, the top of my bookcase and desk (I have a huge corner desk--and I love it!--so the top of it isn't the normal area where you write and work), and my closet, my room is nice, clean, and orgasmic-smelling. Of course, after I finish all this, I'll probably need to vacuum again. That's what I get for starting at the bottom. Oh well; as long as it's clean and smells good when I'm finished, I'll be fine with it.