May 17th, 2006

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Okay, I'm debating whether to click the grades button on AscAgnes to get my spring semester grades. The only one I'm really worried about is the beast that is multivariable since I know I have an A in linear, I know I passed fencing (it's pass/fail), and I'm pretty sure I did well in French and FYS.

[sigh] Here goes. [clicks]

So I clicked. Apparently they were serious about noon today, which is interesting because last semester they showed up early.

Okay, breathe. I can feel some serious heart-thumping going on right now. Camping out for my grades makes me think of that one Foxtrot comic where Jason camps out at the movie theatre's website in order to get Star Wars tickets. Of course, being Jason, he doesn't get tickets for just Marcus and himself--he gets tickets for Marcus and himself for four consecutive showings of Star Wars. Foxtrot, how I love thee.

It's 11:59. Yes, I know it's a strain on the server. However, let's click again. And I clicked. Nothing in the "final grade" column yet. So I'm just going to sit here and ramble until grades are actually in. Oh yes, and breathe. Can't forget that.

12:07. [clicks] Nothing. Well, nothing new. Are they doing this to torture me, or are they talking about noon in a different time zone? It's definitely after noon Wednesday here.

12:18. You know what? I have better things to do. I'll check again later.

Edit 1:13pm: Apparently the grades are being put in some random way, or maybe the system's just overloaded. Here's the chart with the times I know them:

Math 206 - Linear Algebra - A (a long time ago)
Math 220 - Multivariable Calculus - B (1:13pm, 17/5)
FYS 190F - From Zero to Infinity - A (2:05pm, 18/5)
French 231 - Studies in French Civilization - A (1:59pm, 17/5)
PE 112 - Fencing I - P (1:27pm, 17/5)

But I have a B in multivariable! That was most unexpected. Let the partying begin.
breathe Weirdness

This appeared in my inbox this morning from

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The red blob on the cover says "things your friends would tell you if you promised not to get mad". Now for what really makes this funny: Quirkyalone (which I highly recommend, by the way) isn't one of those "oh no, he doesn't like me, what do I do?" books. It's one of those "Look, being single isn't the end of the world" books. It's not anti-relationships; it's anti-dull relationships. There's a difference.

Which is why I find it extremely amusing that I would receive this e-mail.

P.S. Dear lovely people in the registrar's office,
Not to be mean or anything, but I'd really like to know my FYS grade. I'd e-mail my professor, but it isn't really her fault.
Less and less love by the minute, Sujin