May 20th, 2006

writing: within this journal

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Today I finished The Non-Sober One and started Dr. Nbook 55. However, just as I was sitting down and thinking of a good name, Mum came in and asked if I wanted to go to Wal-mart. I said no but didn't mention that I was thinking of a name. Then she mentioned food, and that she would call if she and Dad went out to eat. "All right, I'll go," I told her. So I grabbed the new Dr. Nbook and went.

This would mark the first journal that I have written in without first giving it a title. I know that doesn't sound "out of the ordinary", but for me it's tradition to christen a new Dr. Nbook with a title, a quote/song lyric/one-liner explaining the title, and some sort of doodle. Then, after all this is complete, I begin to write.

I didn't get to do this today, so I skipped three pages (one for the title, one for the quote, and one blank out of tradition) and began to write. It felt really odd writing without a title in mind. Granted, the title usually fades away during the writing of the particular journal and is usually used after that Dr. Nbook is complete, but the title gives a sense of completeness to that journal that writing and numbering alone just can't give.

I did finally come up with a title, though: Venturing Past the Shore. I can also thank Ryan for finding this gem of a quote: "To discover new lands, you must consent to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."