May 24th, 2006

le petit prince: pas un chapeau

Human Emotion

I went to bed at 9pm yesterday, thinking that I would be able to get up earlier while, well, not being unusually tired today. Only the latter worked. I still woke up at ten. However, I did wake up at 5am for some reason. Maybe it's because everyone else has to wake up early (though not that early!) to get ready for work and school, and I can hear them getting ready since my room is near the kitchen.

On another note, I got tired of looking at the excuse-for-pink toenails that were getting really ugly since exams, so I painted them today. They're now a dark greenish blue.

Now to something I've been thinking about over the past day or so.

Can we ever experience the entire span of human emotion? Granted, emotion does mark us as human, but I was thinking about this after reading the LJ entries that I printed out yesterday, particularly the one about guilt. What is the worst human emotion one can experience? What is the best? I started to think about this, and even attempted to form answers, but then another brick wall hit me: Can we ever experience all there is to experience in human emotion? That is, are there finitely many emotions? After all, Livejournal offers only 132 "moods" to choose from [yes, I counted], plus a fill-in-the-blank mood. If there are finitely many emotions, then it is possible that we can experience the entire range of human emotion, and after that, we're experiencing variations on a theme. If not, then the variations on a theme [for lack of a better term] are emotions in themselves. Do we know? Can we know?

Assuming we can know (and I don't think I've experienced the full range of human emotion, if such a thing exists), I think the worst [that is, the one that makes you feel the lowest you can feel] human emotions are a tie between two: helplessness and regret. Right now, at least, these two make me twinge more than any other.

Then what's the best [as opposed to worst], you ask? I'm still working on this one.

I'm interested in opinions, though, which is why I created a shiny poll for you. Feel free to explain your answers in the comments. [Remember, "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable answer as long as you really don't know!]

Poll #735641 On Human Emotion

Can we experience the entire range of human emotion?

I don't know

What do you think is the worst emotion to experience?

What do you think is the best emotion to experience?

Gee, I feel like I'm giving you a pop quiz, except there aren't any right answers.