June 1st, 2006

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How did I compare?

In my eighth grade language class, we had to compare ourselves to other people our age. I stumbled across the result today while reading old Dr. Nbooks, all after reading crush drama (which is now funny), relationship drama (which gives me some scary insight on me), and my attempts to write my first book (I was still writing it at the time, and I still have my attempt somewhere). Here's the result:

17 August 2000
from You Intrude, I Murder, Nbook 17

I am not your typical thirteen-year-old, let me tell you that. However, I am like most people in that I love to shop and hang out with my friends. I'm also not very crazy about school. I mean, it's okay, but it's not in my top ten favorite places to be. (Sorry.)

I am also very different from most other people. First of all, I have my future planned out. I want to go to Harvard or somewhere else big and far from home. (I never get homesick.) I also like to read, believe it or not. Most kids truly detest reading, but not me. Another way that I'm different is that I truly care about my academic success. I'm extremely hard on myself, and I always strive for perfection. I guess you could say I'm a perfectionist. Even though I'm talkative, I'm also very secretive. That's just how I am, and most people I know that are my age aren't like that. Another thing that, in a way, sets me apart from other eighth-graders is that I want to be a writer, and I've already started writing. I happen to know a lot of kids my age that say, "Well, I want to do this or that," but don't do anything to work toward that goal. Here's how I see it: If you don't bother working toward a goal, then what's the purpose of setting goals in the first place? I'll close with this: Don't just dream and wish it were real; act, and make that dream a reality. That, I believe, is one of the main differences.

And I thought that made me special. Hate to break it to you, thirteen-year-old Sujin, but it doesn't. Let's see how I turned out.

I still love to shop, but I'm a rather picky shopper. I can spend such a long time contemplating whether to purchase something that others get annoyed. This is why I prefer to shop alone. I still enjoy friends for company; they, along with Dr. Nbook, help me hang on to that last thread of sanity. Now school... I don't enjoy the "school is the only place you can learn" because it isn't. I think that's what I meant when I wrote it, and it still holds true.

Remember the future I had planned out then? I wiped that future out about a year ago and started all over. My dream job is still to become an author. However, reality has started to kick in [in the form of "Oh no I have to go in the real world soon what am I going to do?"], and if that doesn't work out, then I'll do something more, er, realistic, probably with math.

I still love to read, only now I'm not as elitist about it. Phew. Luckily, I'm not quite as hard on myself either. I think making a B took some of that out of me. Some of it is still there, though.

Oh, and Jeffrey just broke his cell phone. He's trying to talk me into buying him a new phone, contingent on his paying me back. Of course, after doing that, I would barely have enough money in my checking account to do that [I'd have to transfer money from my savings account in case I decide to make some big new purchase, and besides, I need to save for school]. So I told him no. He needs to get a job, anyway.
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Finished tagging

There. I finished tagging my entries. Unfortunately, I've thought of several more tags to add in. I'll do that later.

I've been reading some old Dr. Nbooks today. Middle school crush drama was funny. You'll probably be seeing more old entries soon.

Also, the national spelling bee finals are tonight. Yay! [No, I wasn't in the bee myself, although I wanted to be. The closest I made it was sixth in the region. I still get excited around this time every year, though.]