June 13th, 2006

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Up With Cavemen?

I received this letter in the mail today:

"Dear Friend,

"As you know, Cavemen are smart, thoughtful, intelligent, cognitive, ambitious, social beings. Unfortunately, GEICO Auto Insurance has been using language in their advertising that perpetuates a negative stereotype--that Cavemen are unsophisticated simpletons, that we have inferior intelligence..."

I would scan the letter for you to read, but after a quick Google search, I discovered that you can read the rest here.

Seriously, what? [blinks] I don't even have an automobile, much less auto insurance, much less Geico auto insurance. At first I was thinking that some scammers were getting my address from some related product that I had bought because Mum received a weird letter once [not about cavemen, obviously--I considered saving hers for future reference, but I didn't; I don't remember what it was about now], but then I remembered that the only thing I've bought online is through Amazon. Of course, that doesn't completely eliminate things. Hmm.

We can track the occurences of these things via the Interwebs, though. Today's Google search for "up with cavemen": Results 1 - 10 of about 40 for "up with cavemen". (0.14 seconds). There were actually 30 results.

In other news, waking up at 3am is not fun. I feel like there's a reason I'm waking up at this hour, but I don't know what it is. Weird.