June 14th, 2006

rubik's cube

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I had another middle-of-the-night encounter last night. This one was around 5am. I'm afraid nothing interesting happened, but I just thought I'd write that down as a way to keep track of these encounters. Hmm, I need a "sleep" tag. I'll make that after this entry. I'd like to see if any patterns are developing. I'm keeping track in Dr. Nbook as well, but two sources are better than one.

I've written something in here every day since 13 April. I'm somewhat proud of myself for this, but I'm also wondering how much longer I can continue this. [I'm also wondering why I can't motivate myself to do this for Dr. Nbook, but that's another story.]

Lately I find myself staring at Dr. Nbook, wondering what to write. Well, "wondering" isn't exactly the right word because I have more than enough material to fill it. I think I find myself staring because I want just the right words to come from my pen. Perhaps I treat ink as if it's sacred, and watching ink flow from the pen to form words is one of the most beautiful things one can watch. To watch ink flow from the pen in an ugly pattern is to me a waste of ink. Maybe this is why I form just the right words before committing them to paper...before committing my thoughts to my future self.
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