June 16th, 2006

language: it hides our thoughts

One Strange Dream

First, I was up at 4am today. Bleh. Then I couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour, which isn't fun.

Speaking of sleep, I had an odd dream last night. I was at a Braves game with some friends [I should add here that I've never been to a Braves game in my life]. I was a wee bit hungry, so I decided to go to the concessions and buy some food. On my way down, I noticed that the line was much longer than expected, even at a professional sporting event.

As the line progressed, I found myself leaving the park. Instead of entering downtown Atlanta or any other city, I found myself in a field. I stayed in the line, picking up these items that were supposed to entertain the kiddiewinks in the line. "Colour these in to make a banana." "Colour these in to make an apple." And so on.

I was about to start colouring a banana when this inflatable plane about ten feet long came flying at me. I jumped in surprise, but nobody else noticed. I looked at it as it flew past me and noticed the message on the side of the plane. The name looked familiar. This happened several times (I noticed the label on the side each time) until an inflatable plane about twenty feet long (or thereabout) came flying at me. When I got a chance to look, I noticed that Ryan was in the pilot seat. The plane hit me, but I wasn't hurt. Then I woke up.

Say what? I've had some really messed-up dreams, but this is the first really weird one I've had in awhile. That's just... wow.

In other news, the current Dr. Nbook is almost finished. I always get excited when this happens because then a new Dr. Nbook with fresh pages awaits. The new one is already sitting on my desk. It's exciting. It even has a title. That reminds me; I have the list of all the Dr. Nbooks from #1 to the present. I'll post it sometime soon. Some of you might find it interesting.