June 27th, 2006


My autobiography at eight...wow, this is old.

Mum was going through some stuff this morning, and she found a red plastic book with "MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY" on the cover. I opened it up and began to read. In some ways I've changed so much, but in others I'm exactly the same. Here it is; I've omitted things like my address and phone number because they're still the same after all these years.

front: Birth to 8 1/2 years
back: (picture of Mum and Dad, captioned "my parents"; picture of Mum, Dad, Jeffrey, and me, captioned "my family")

front: My name is Sujin *last name omitted*. My address is *deleted address*. I live in Ringgold, Georgia. My zip code is 30736. My phone number is *phone number deleted*.

I live with my mother, father, and brother in a duplex on *deleted road name*.

I have lived in the same house since I was born, which is located on the same property where my great-granddaddy was born, in Catoosa County, Georgia.

(first-grade picture of me)
back: (picture of my house, captioned "my home")

front: My favorite pet is a dog. This is because I have one. It is a girl dog. Her name is Chelsea. She is very gentle to handle. She loves kid and she also likes to chase tennis balls and cats. She is also my only pet.

(picture of Jeffrey and Chelsea, captioned "My brother and dog")
back: (picture of McDonald's, captioned "my favorite place to eat"; me on a bike, captioned "my bike")

front: (tracing of my hand, captioned "This is my handprint.")
back: (picture of me on Grandmother's old DOS computer, captioned "my grandmother's computer")

front: (tracing of my foot, captioned "This is my footprint.")
back: (picture of GES, captioned "my school"; picture of kids on the spider on GES playground, captioned "my playground")

front: I am 4' 7 1/4" tall, I can reach things in the first shelf in the cabinet, and I can reach the top shelf of my grandmother's book shelves.
My dad was stationed at Osan Air Base, Korea, where he met my mom. They married in Korea, and on Dec. 1984, Dad was transfered by the US Air Force back to the United States.

I was born 1/7/1987 at a hospital in East Ridge, Tennessee. My ancestry would be American and Korean. My mom speaks the Korean language, but I haven't mastered it yet, but I can say some words in Korean, like "hello," and "rain".

back: (picture of Alyssa and me, captioned "My niece Alyssa and me")

front: I have a half-brother, who is married and has a daughter named Alyssa, which makes me an aunt.
On one of my birthdays, there was snow on the ground and no one could come to my party, but a week later we had the party.
My favorite subject is math. I like to work with numbers. If I have math homework I always do it first. My grandmother put a math program on the computer. I really like to work on it.
My favorite food is a baked potato. I put sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon bits, and chili. It is so delicious!

back: (pictures of my room, showing off my Barbie doll collection)

front: I have two hobbies. One is collecting Barbie dolls. I have 50 of them. Most of them are special edition dolls. They are still in their boxes. Some of them are from different countries. They are the Chinese, Kenyan, Australian, Indonesian, Dutch, German, and 2 Native Americans.
My other hobby is reading books, especially The Baby-Sitters Club books. I have 7 of them. I read 37 during the summer. I checked a lot from the library. There were 7 about Kristy, 6 about Claudia, 4 about Mary Anne, 4 about Stacey, 5 about Dawn, 4 about Mallory, and 5 about Jessi.
I really don't have any favorite sport, but I play ball with my family and neighbors. I like to skip rope, skate, ride my bike, and play video games. I enjoy playing school with imaginary pupils. When I grow up and graduate from high school, I would like to attend a good college and become a school teacher.

back: (picture of my bed, captioned "my bed"; picture of me at my desk holding up copy of What the Witch Left, captioned "my desk"; picture of my full bookshelf, captioned "my bookshelf")

As I grow older...
9 years on I....

And the rest of the pages are blank.

So how have I changed since then? The duplex has been expanded into one house, Chelsea died (30 November 2002), I've grown twelve inches, I don't read the Baby-Sitters Club anymore, I know even less Korean than I did then, and I don't plan on teaching anymore, but we'll see what life throws at me.

I did have remarkably good grammar for an eight-year-old, though. Apparently I loved grammar even back then.

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