June 29th, 2006

sleepy bunny

Stuff [Gibberish: Red]

Wow, I still haven't updated, and it's 10:08pm. I'm also tired, but I figured I'd type something out since I've hardly written all day.

I had the root canal on Tuesday. It wasn't that bad; it went quite well. I probably could have slept through the whole thing if I didn't have open and close my mouth on command.

I also picked up my medicines today and bought a slinky. Between that and my rubik's cube, I don't know how I'm going to get anything done. Oh well.

Also, I've been feeling rather apathetic lately. I just don't want to do much anymore, and what I do want to do feels valueless. Even my writing is losing its once-vibrant beauty, and it's turning into a monotonous everyday rattling of life.

People probably think I'm really boring, and it's probably true. I can never stand writing introductions for myself because I never know what to put. When I do put stuff down, I think, "Is this all I am? I'm pretty sure there's a little more than that," but even that sounds a little stuck-up. Sad, really. "Let's see... math, writing, grammar, Wikipedia, languages,.... Wow, this kid's boring. She needs to get some real hobbies." But those are my hobbies! Well, some of them.

That probably made no sense whatsoever. This entire entry probably made no sense whatsoever. Bedtime.

One day I think I'm going to write an entire entry without the backspace key. That'll be fun.
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