July 2nd, 2006


(no subject)

I was up at 2:15 this morning. How do I know the time? Because Compy decided to scan for viruses at that time, and I heard the humming of the computer. Oh, and I looked at the clock as well. Still, it took over two hours to get back to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm going to do that now, so I'll leave a list of things to write about tomorrow:

* July family birthday party
* the generation gap
* the miniflood in the bathroom
* Mum's trips down Memory Lane

Also, my financial aid package from Agnes came in yesterday. I definitely owe them more money than I did last year. This should be interesting.

Bons rêves, tout le monde. (I just butchered my French; I know. There has to be a colloquiasm for the term, but I'm lazy right now--and tired.)