July 8th, 2006

hot chocolate: join me?

Saturday...er, today. Oh, and crosswalks.

I'm proud of myself. I actually read and wrote today. Doing both in one day is an accomplishment for me lately.

Mum, Dad, and I went to Don Lolo's (Mexican food) tonight. Besides awesome food, they have salt-free chips. Awesome. Well, Saturday is karaoke night over there, meaning that the restaurant is packed. We arrived just in time to leave just as they were getting started. I've always wanted to do karaoke, even though I'm a terrible singer.

On the way back, they were telling me about everything I missed in the past year, even though I've been in Ringgold a few times over the year. Then as we turned away from downtown Ringgold, I saw something I had never seen before in that town. A crosswalk.

Why does this stand out? The first time I walked around downtown Decatur I was really excited because there were crosswalks (albeit in a bad layout; we are talking about Atlanta), and those just didn't exist in Ringgold. Not too many people walked around downtown Ringgold except for the kids who walk somewhere in Ringgold after school. Seriously, part of the town doesn't have sidewalks, and until recently, not a single crosswalk was in sight. It's dangerous.
I just discovered that the nail colour on my toes is called Limitless. Does that mean it diverges?

This meme showed up a few times on the friendslist, so I decided to try it out. Here you go. You may have to highlight to read all the extra notes. I made a lot of 'em.

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I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.  (Yet I don't own enough.)
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (Only when I can't see what's right in front of my face.) × I love to play video games. × I've tried marijuana.
× I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (Although I can be brutally honest at times.)
I curse sometimes.  (Shocked, yes? Desperate situations call for desperate language. I'm normally not that desperate.) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
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