July 29th, 2006

long winded

An eye for a wandering eye [Gibberish: Orange]

wrimore word count: 12373 words. Bow to me, for I have completed the wrimore challenge. The story isn't finished, though, so I'll still be working on it until the challenge is over. Okay, you don't have to bow, but if you want to, don't hesitate to do so. *grins*

Second, I wrote in Dr. Nbook again today. I looked at the last date I wrote in it. Last Sunday? So you mean to tell me that I've hardly written in Dr. Nbook ALL week? Of course, I lost the motivation to write my story in the middle of the week too, so if I had been writing at the rate I started, I could have broken 12k around Wednesday, but oh well. Now that I have 12k, I can slow down in the story a little and concentrate on Dr. Nbook and reading a little bit. I have a lot of stuff I want to write before I leave.

Third, I had a rather interesting day today. I took Grandmother out to eat this afternoon, but before we did that, we stopped by the 65th anniversary celebration of some friends of hers. Sixty-five years... wow. I don't know if I could stand one person for that long. I don't mean this in a bad way, but sometimes I have to break the monotony. Not with another person, no. I just get bored easily. I can't stand idle chit-chat, which probably explains why I can't stand so many of the things people like to talk about. Of course, I'm probably guilty of the same things, since we tend to possess our pet peeves, but ... blergh. There isn't much of a justification here. Then again, my wet hair is sticking to my shirt, and I refuse to dry it now.

I tend to explain things a lot. I rarely answer questions with just "yes", "no", or "I don't know". I always feel like the person needs an explanation of why the answer is so, but sometimes I wondered if I'm apologizing for my answer. Why should I? Unless the answer is a negative consequence of my actions, then there shouldn't be a reason to apologize for said actions. On the other hand, maybe I'm just more long-winded than most people, and I know they're going to ask why anyway, so I try to cram it in before they ask.

People have told me that I talk unusually fast. I don't think it's true, but if it is, I can see where it comes from. I'm used to being interrupted. Not from family circumstances, but from being the outcast, as if what I have to say isn't important. Perhaps I talk the way I do just to make sure I say everything I want to say before someone else can interrupt and say something completely different. Of course, like a good pet peever, I tend to interrupt as well, just to make sure my words can enter the discussion. Maybe this is because I think so much before I speak, and by the time I've formed my words perfectly in my mind (after all, life doesn't have a backspace key), the other conversationalists have veered to another topic, leaving me completely lost and stupid if I say what I was going to say before. Maybe this is why I enjoy written communication so much: the lack of interruption.

Completely off-topic, I just got an e-mail in my Hotmail account from SemenEnhancement. *blinks* Because we all know I need it.

Now what was I talking about again? Oh yes, the anniversary. That can wait for tomorrow. I think I want to spend some time with Dr. Nbook first. Paper journals deserve love too.