August 4th, 2006

rubik's cube

alfioasufne Does that say anything?

There's a reason I enjoy shopping alone. Why? I'm my own worst critic. I'm the type of person who shops for an hour and buys just two things. Come to think of it, I did pretty well today. I shopped for an hour and bought three things: two shirts and some khakis.

So why am I this hesitant when I shop? It's because I overthink things. When am I going to wear this? What will this go with? I'm terrible at matching outfits, so I like to buy clothes that will go with everything so I don't have to think about this. Of course, there are exceptions, like my skirt-shirt combinations, but at least I try to buy tops I actually wear with pants as well.

Does this apply to my everyday life too? I'm inclined to say that it does. I overthink things at times before jumping in, especially when it involves people, and when I do jump in, it's often too late. Is it out of fear? Fear, perhaps, that I won't get what I want? Of course, I won't find out if I don't try. Why hesitate?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. Good, it's about time.

Nell has been trying to get me into Due South. The Due South-a-thon is tonight, so I'll be in that.

Also, can you solve the 1x1x1 Rubik's Cube?

Edit: Nell, I was testing out the videos in my video players this afternoon to see if they work, and they don't work. :( I'm trying to force them to work right now, but if I'm not there tonight, blame the computer industry.

Edit2: Never mind, I fixed it. I'll be there! Yay, Fraser gets to stare at me!
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