August 6th, 2006

calvin and hobbes: demand euphoria

Mad Lib #2 Results

Since it is, after all, the end of the week, it's time to post the results of Mad Lib the Second! First, here's the original, courtesy of nhurdis_embrace and slightly modified by me:

I hate [Object of Annoying]. You [Negative Adjective] [Noun] are [Stereotypical Curse] because [Reason]. We [Verbed] first and so I have every grounds to bitch about [Noun]. I am unable to understand [Object of Annoying] and it is, therefore, all [Insert Country]'s fault. [End Your Argument]

Now some of the modifications were my fault, as I didn't specify some thing as clearly as I should have. Nevertheless, Mad Libs for zeenell, twirlandswirl, mmejavert, peppery_lime, sharnjilraedan, moonglade_swan, and skunkrocker are behind the cut. I was too lazy to alphabetize this time. Oh well.

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P.S. wrimore Challenge the Second starts tomorrow. Hooray! The theme is fairy tales. Maybe I'll actually finish a story for once without quitting once I hit the finish line...if that made sense.
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