August 8th, 2006

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Rage Against the Uterus

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For those who didn't want to read what the title implies, it's safe to read now. I have another entry ready, all thanks to the changes my high school has made since I graduated. That'll come tomorrow, though. I don't feel like typing it all out tonight.
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One other thing I forgot last night:

I was helping Mum cook dinner last night, and I was washing the squash before slicing them. The news was playing in the background, and suddenly I heard, "Do suggestive lyrics make kids want to have SEX?"

I ignored it and continued washing the squash. At the end of the segment the reporter said that the genre didn't matter, which caused me to end my good time with the squash and think aloud, "I mostly listen to classical and Disney! No wonder I'm not getting any!"

Because it always happens after Beethoven's Fifth.
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Screwups and Success

So it turns out that the high school I graduated from is even more screwed up now than it was over a year ago when I left it.

First, the main offices used to be at the main entrance of the school, which made perfect sense. Due to the massive construction going on over there, the offices have been scattered at random all over the school. In theory, this means that if you get called to a given office, it'll take you longer to find the office than it will to take care of whatever it is you need to take care of.

Also, the cafeteria is currently unusable due to said construction. I can imagine that affecting traffic flow in the school because the intelligent soul who designed the school decided to put the cafeteria smack in the middle, meaning you have to go through it to go from one end of the school to the other. Why do I mention this? Lunchtime. That's right. They aren't eating lunch in the cafeteria. It's nuts. They're actually eating sack lunches in their third block classes, which I'd imagine causes mass distractions when it comes to ending lunchtime.

Classrooms galore have also been moved because of the construction. Now it's not exactly unusual for several teachers to have a different classroom each block, but this year there are classes besides gym meeting in the gym. An art class meets in the mezzanine of the gym, for crying out loud. Just last year the same teacher had a classroom on the second floor next to the other art teacher, and four years before that she was downstairs with the science classrooms. Now the switch upstairs made sense since the teacher who occupied the upstairs room could now be downstairs with the rest of the science department, but the move to the gym? Who has the old classroom?

And then there's the new scheduling. According to Jeffrey (who heard all this from his geometry/precal/AP Calc teacher, my geometry/precal teacher, and who would have been my AP Calc teacher if I had stayed that year), RHS as a whole failed the graduation tests badly. The range of scores was that bad. Now in Georgia, the graduation test is a joke; it's more of a literacy test than anything.

So as an attempt to remedy this, the school decided on a new schedule. Keep in mind that each class meets roughly for an hour and forty-five, five days a week. That makes 8.75 hours per class per week. The administration decided to tack on half an hour per day for each class. I know that doesn't make sense. Example: On Monday, first block is extended for thirty minutes. On Tuesday, second block. Advisement is Wednesday. Third block is extended on Thursday, and fourth block is extended on Friday. Of course, each class has to be shortened proportionately as well, so let's chop ten minutes off each of the other three classes to make up for it. That means that each day, we have one two-hours, fifteen-minute class, and three one-hour, thirty-five minute classes. We'll have the two-hour, fifteen-minute class one day per week and the one-hour, thirty-five minute class four days a week.

Then we have 1.58333333...(4) [that's 4 * 19/12] + 2.25 = 8.58333... hours/class/week

So in the end you're losing class time instead of gaining it. So much for education. (Speaking of education, there's probably a flaw in my math, but I don't feel like looking for it right now.)

I'm glad I graduated when I did.
Also, I've mentioned my joint-enrollment experience a few times. Well, I received a letter from the head of the humanities department today. One of my English professors had nominated several of my essays (all except one, in fact, but I just can't write a persuasive essay on a given topin in an hour. Oh well) for publication in the student work magazine. I had forgotten all about this until I received the letter today. They accepted one of them. (Yay!) So when they go back to school (When is that, anyway? *checks their website* Ah, the 17th. Wow.), I'll be going over there to pick up a copy of the magazine. My words in print. Wow. It has happened before. It's just that someone actually nominated my work for this, and it actually had to go through the process in order to be printed.