August 10th, 2006

la tour eiffel

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First, I finally finished Order of the Phoenix and started Half-Blood Prince. Good thing, too. I'm finally getting some stuff done.

Second, I go back to Agnes in two weeks. TWO WEEKS?! What happened to my summer? Wasn't it just yesterday I was complaining about what I was going to do with myself the entire summer? That means just less than three weeks before I start classes, too. Wow. Of course, my summer isn't completely over yet. Anything can happen--good, bad, surprising, completely random.

Third, many of you have heard of the foiled terrorist attack on planes headed to the US. Yes, it's going to affect airport security for quite awhile. Banning liquids? Now this is interesting, especially if the reason happens to be true. Poor decaffeinated souls. Now let's look at camwyn's method of fighting terrorism. (It's a good one, too. I suggest you read it.) A silent plane popped in my head as I read that. Of course, those who could take living in a nudist colony would have no trouble with talking to the stranger next to them.

Fourth, I woke up at two this morning. It was rather odd; I was completely awake too and couldn't get back to sleep for at least another hour. Grah.