August 14th, 2006

writing: within this journal

Journaling Nostalgia

I just went through some major nostalgia today.

I found the first online community I was ever part of--a journaling community that I joined in eighth grade to discuss the joys and woes of raising, journaling. It really was a community; we got to know each other quite well, as there was a fairly small group of us. This was how I found out about online journaling, and even though I didn't begin on LiveJournal, I would eventually find my way here through twists and turns along the way.

Now the forum is rather quiet, and most of the originals, like me, aren't there anymore. I read through some of the old posts, and wowed myself with how immature I sounded. That was five years ago. In five years, will I think my current writing style sounds immature? After all, the next five years will be years of major change just as the last five years were, and there's a very good chance I'll have embraced a completely different writing style by then. As soon as I recover my password, I'll return, just to see what I've missed all these years.

Why do I mention this? I have another entry, much like my mathematical autobiography, that will be up as soon as I finish it. It won't be as long, as there aren't as many isolated incidents, but there is a story.

Edit: Snakes Banned From Carry-On Luggage. Go read. No, wait. It's Uncyclopedia. Now go read.