August 27th, 2006


Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was fun. I painted my toenails bright pink on that swing outside Main. Let me tell you, there is nothing like painting your nails while rocking to the beat of unpredictability. I did it, though, and they actually look decent.

I also had a moment of great genius yesterday. I decided to move all my stuff to one side of the desk and put my printer on one of the huge bins; after all, I wouldn't need to dig through that bin for stuff too often. So I did that. I rearranged everything. Five minutes later, I realized something. I needed something out of that box. So I scooted everything on my desk over so I could set the printer on the desk (it barely fit; I just hoped that it wouldn't fall over), opened the bin, got an envelope out, closed the bin, and put the printer back on top. I'll be rearranging again soon.

Then there was Quadfest, a time for the Scottie Sisters to get to know each other (or something like that). I made little cards for my little sisters Rachael (the one I hosted a long time ago) and Laura. Kali came by early out of boredom (she lives across the hall), so we chatted for awhile before picking up our little sisters.

I stopped by Laura's room first after saying hi to Shea in the lobby. I had the adverb song from Schoolhouse Rock stuck in my head (thanks, Nell), so I decided to use that to my advantage. When Laura's roommate answered to the door, I went up to Laura and started singing "Laura Laura Laura, get your adverbs here!" and handed her the card I had made her. She was a bit alarmed at first because as we all know, I do tend to alarm people when I first meet them. Then I explained that I was her Scottie Sister, so let's pick up my other Sister in Agnes and have fun! We did just that. We headed upstairs to pick up Rachael, who already knew me, and off we went to the quad.

Orientation Council had gifts for us too when we checked in: cups that changed colour when you poured something in them. We accepted these gifts and went on. Rachael and I decided to try the sumo wrestling, complete with huge costumes. My helmet decided to fall over my face, so in addition to my clumsiness, I couldn't see a thing. "It's a tough match," I heard Dean Lucy say at one point. A few minutes later I was on the ground on top of Rachael's leg. Go me...or something.

Then Rachael and Laura tie-dyed some shirts (I watched; the one and only time I did--last year at Quadfest--I made a giant blob). After that we saw some people walking by with what looked like pink lemonade, and we decided we wanted some too. We looked around for the source but couldn't find it. Finally we gave up, went to Alston to wash hands, and filled our Scottie Sister cups with water. Something amazing happened. The cups were turning red! We marveled at the colour-changing for a minute until it hit me.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "There wasn't any pink lemonade after all. It was just water in this cup."

Both of them left early, so I spent the next two hours talking to Arielle and her Scottie Sister (and Beth) for awhile, but the bulk of this time was in a gay and pagan conversation in a huge group of people who came and went until around midnight. It centered around a first-year named Lindsey who entertained us with stories of her love life. The paganism came in toward the end when coming out can be in more than one sense. We also concentrated on sharpening her gaydar with Jana's help. When random Scotties came by, we'd ask her, "Gay or straight?"

That, my friends, was a fantastic conversation.
Also, Bria's moving in right now. Renu's not here yet, but she should be sometime today. Yay, my room isn't lonely anymore!