August 30th, 2006

grammar: conjunction junction

First day back!

I just found the entire Schoolhouse Rock set. Sweet.

Today was long. There's a guy in the calc class in which I'm the course tutor. I think he's a post-bac premed student. Still, it's rather odd. Then there was convocation, after which I talked to Kristin (editor-in-chief of Aurora) about the student activities fair and other sundries because Olivia and I had already talked about it. There wasn't much relaxation, for I checked my mail, ran to lunch to scarf down a thirty-minute lunch before French lit and differential equations, two classes in a row that run during lunch. As we all know so well, little time to eat and I do not get along at all.

The syllabus is actually in French. This wasn't unexpected, but I was surprised to see a general English translation at the back. Dr. Ojo kept picking me out, but then again, he's my advisor. We were talking about the triangle trade.

Dr. Ojo (in French): Now mathematicians have a term for this shape. *looks at me*
Me: *frantically searches through mind for French word for triangle* C'est un triangle!

(Yes, I so put a French accent on the English word. Most of the time there isn't a different with the mathy words.)

Differential equations was yet another experience. Dr. Riddle took pictures of all of us to get to know us, even though he knows almost all of us. Okay, to be fair, he was on sabbatical last year, so there were a few of us he didn't know. (He knows me. He just saw me that morning as I'm course-tutoring his calc class, and besides he ran into me a few times last year.) Most of the time was on integration review via E-grade.

Astronomy lab doesn't start for two more weeks. Nice. And I didn't have to work today. Either way, Wednesdays are going to be my longest days overall.

Something deep and philosopical will follow...if I feel like it. I have astronomy lecture and women's studies tomorrow. This shall be interesting.