August 31st, 2006

sleepy bunny

Not another life entry

Today was another loooong day.

Astronomy was good. I managed to snag a front and center seat, which was nice. Unfortunately, several of my friends who are in that class chose seats further back when they came in, possibly because of this. I don't know. I'll ask. It's not overly important, but it's nice to have friendly faces in a class. *sigh*

After that I had almost an hour before an early lunch, but since I had so much to do, I used that time to make my to-do list. I still have to attempt definitions at a bunch of literary terms for French tomorrow. I don't have anything during community hour tomorrow, so if I'm too tired tonight, I can do that tomorrow during community hour. I may want to do some of my DE homework too. Okay, we haven't done the section yet, but I think I know what I'm doing. That's a start, anyway.

Then there was lunch, followed by women's studies. We heard a huge spill on what Dr. Hackett's view on women's studies was, and then we played a little game. What was gender from the view of an alien? We discussed that for awhile before ending class. After this I decided to cure my genius moment from Tuesday and pick up my final FYS paper, so I ran to Dr. Lewin's office to get it. As usual, it was packed with Lewin-esque comments. I mentioned that researching that paper made me want to take set theory, which didn't surprise her much. That'll come next year or the year after, likely through independent study or cross-registration since we don't have a set theory course at Agnes. Then she said that I should meet the guest professor who's teaching the senior seminar since he's a set theorist. He also gave the last Infinity Club talk at the end of last year, so I had already met him. Then I mentioned declaring my major this semester since my advisor will be on leave that spring, and I'd rather get an advisor I want instead of getting shuffled around. That will probably come after the beginning-of-school rush.

After that, I headed back downstairs only to see everyone crowded around the front doors of Buttrick. I couldn't figure out why (hey, I'm slow) until I saw umbrellas. I made my way to the great outdoors when I saw it. Pouring rain. Sans umbrella and with just Dr. Nbook and my women's studies binder to protect me, I debated whether to wait it out or run. I ran, only to run to my room, grab my umbrella, and run back to the library to do the recommended reading for French. After that it was back to the room, dinner, and my first night in the LSC for all your mathematical needs, wants, and desires. I was surprised people actually came in considering it was the first day we were open, but a couple of 101 students came in. Brittany helped them, though, considering she was there and she's the tutor for that class. Mira and I did our DE homework with Elizabeth and Sam (who were just hanging out there) for about half an hour until Brittany came in and Mira could leave. I think they were a little disturbed by what they took as overenthusiasm at math. For me, it' I can't change that.

Then I looked through the calc book (it was different from the one I used, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get used to the format), and Brittany and I just talked for awhile until we could leave for the night. Who else would come in, anyway?

Also, I finished and started a new Dr. Nbook today. The new one is called A Drink from the Pierian Spring. Cookies if you know where the title's from. This entry has been updated to reflect the change. The bottom part of Dr. Nbook got wet today, the part where I write down the Dr. Nbook number. It was sad. I'll write it back later.