September 6th, 2006

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The Day of Eternity

Today. Was. So. Long. There, that feels better. It wasn't bad, though. It was just long. Let's start at the beginning.

I woke up slightly late because I went to bed late last night. Then I ran to breakfast, ran to calc and slid in a seat just as Dr. Riddle was giving out little calculator nametags for the calc students. After that it was back to the dorm to do French homework (which was assigned the day before! We'll be having a chat as soon as I have community hour devoid of homework), run to lunch, scarf down what I could, and run to French.

Now this is what I don't like about my schedule. Three days a week I have only thirty minutes to eat lunch. If you've ever watched me eat, you know this isn't a good thing. Also, so many cool things are scheduled during lunch, but because I eat from 11:30 to twelve and have class from noon to two (or 2:15 on Monday and Friday because the math department is crazy, but I love them anyway), I can't go to them, like the French table today from noon to one. Grr. Oh well.

The construction continues outside Buttrick, and today it was blocking the front and side doors (the one near the LSC), both of which I use daily, and both of which would affect me today. I passed Casey on the way to Buttrick, who warned me about it, and that I'd have to go in through the side. I took off my sandals and ran through the grass. It was pretty fun.

We nearly went over in French, which wasn't good because we were working with Winplot in DEs today, and Dr. Riddle wanted us to get there early so we could boot up the laptops and start on time. I barely arrive on time as it is because I run down two flights of stairs out of Buttrick, to the science building, and up three flights of stairs. Yes, there are elevators both ways, but I'm too impatient for elevators.

Now remember what I told you about the Buttrick doors? The front and side doors were still blocked, so I went out the other side door near Presser to avoid the after-class crowds. I darted across the quad and into DEs. After that was work, which was mostly dead as it was early afternoon. Kelso and I just talked and did DEs most of the time. Then I hung around for a few minutes after Nico came in and we talked more before I remembered that we had to be at the activities fair at four (it started at 4:30) to set up the Infinity Club booth.

The door was still blocked, so I went out the back and stopped to check my mail on the way back. There it was for the second day in a row. The pink slip of big mail goodness.

I squeed; I admit it. Since my DE book had already come in, this could mean only one thing. Ryan's package was here at last. I was right. YAY! It was also proof that...
Collapse )
*snickers* Yes, he really did address it to God. Unfortunately, it didn't come from Satan, but I know better than that. I wish I could have seen the reaction of the postal workers when they saw that the package was addressed to God, though.

In the package was the promised French/French dictionary, some One Piece (I'll get around to watching it eventually, really), and a handwritten letter, which I tore into when I saw something peeking out of the dictionary.

Before I had time to revel in this, though, it was time to run to the activities fair. (See, I told you I had limited time to breathe!) Nico and I checked in, grabbed our table (and eventually grabbed a better table), and I went to help Kristin and Olivia set up the Aurora table. Olivia moved the Camera Obscura stuff to the other half of the Aurora table so she really could be at two places at once. Rock on. So it turned out that I could devote my time to the Infinity Club table. Sweet.

Ginny, a friend of Nico's, was there too, so we just hung out and read math stuff (or in Ginny's case, bio stuff) when people weren't checking out our table. Since we're called Infinity Club, some people would just come up and confirm that yes, we were the math club. Others would cringe when we confirmed this fact. Yet others sounded genuinely interested, and it was these seventeen people who signed up. (Okay, a couple just wanted the e-mails.) For a couple of first-year mathies I already knew, I just pointed at the sign-up sheet and said something like, "Infinity Club, yo."

Promoting Infinity Club produced some fantastic lines, among them...

Student1: Do you have to be a math major to join?
Me: No. *points at Ginny* Counterexample!
*Ginny, Nico, and I laugh* *I realize what I just said*

Student2 (while passing us): Two plus two is four...
All of us: Not always!
*we crack up*

Finally after all this, I got a chance to breathe. Finally. It was a fun day, though. Tomorrow looks like a more breathable day.

P.S. Sujin, you really need to do laundry, preferably by the weekend.

P.S.2 I could use more tags.