September 9th, 2006

ravenclaw: smarter than you

The End of the Sandals

I was in the bathroom this afternoon when I realized something quite sad. My black flats are coming apart.

Well, no wonder I've been tripping over my own feet more often than usual lately.

It is a sad day, though. I've had those shoes for ages. It's time for an end-of-summer sandal shopping spree.

...Wow, I just realized how strange that sounded. Actually, it's not overly strange, considering it is the end of summer. But still, I don't fancy wearing sneakers every day. I could wear my black heeled sandals every day, but that would be painful to them after awhile, not to mention painful for me if I keep it up (they're actually quite comfortable).

At some point we all have to give up things we don't fancy giving up. It's part of life, yet don't we all find ourselves holding on to things at some point? There are some things that are too fanciful to let go of, so we continue to hold on to them even when they're no longer there.

Summer's over... and we all know what this means.

To Do:
1. Read for women's studies
2. Read for French
3. Start women's studies journal assignment
4. Do laundry (très important, je crois)
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