September 10th, 2006

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Water In > Water Out

Well, last night's shower was interesting.

Someone was already using the third shower when I went in the bathroom, so I settled with the second. (Hey, it's still prime.) I should have suspected something when I felt a little bit of water under my feet. I ignored it, though, and began to shower.

Then as I was washing my face, I felt it. The water wasn't going down the drain. As my feet weren't over the drain, this was reason to worry. I raised my foot just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Sure enough, my foot was harder to lift than usual, just as it usually is when you try to lift a foot out of water.

So I began to wash myself. I took off a shower shoe as I began to wash my feet, and it began to float. That's right, float. It floated all the way to the other side of the shower, and as I caught it, I noticed something that explained it.

A huge clump of hair. As this hair was light brown, probably even blonde, it definitely wasn't mine. Grah. Whose bright idea was it to leave her hair in the shower anyway?

Either way, chasing shower shoes was a fun adventure.
Okay, I'm in a sad state. I was on Wikihow yesterday, and I found myself reading articles like How to Become Sociable and How to Make Friends. *headdesk* Yes, this is sad.
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Random Thoughts

A fantastic thought struck me tonight on the way to dinner. Instead of yelling "Man on the Hall!", Agnes students and their male guests should just play the penis game every three doors. Imagine the hilarity that would ensue. Unfortunately, I don't see myself having a male guest over anytime soon just so I can try that. Boo.

I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of the nerds in my year are closet nerds. I'll write on this later when I get a chance to write something coherent.

I did finish everything on my to-do list, of which I'm proud. Egrade is being evil and won't take my DE answers. I'll rework them later just in case I'm wrong and have done something more than misplace a set of apostrophes. I have until the test to turn them in anyway.

Before dinner I fell asleep on top of all my books. It felt nice, even if I was a little uncomfortable. I can't squish my precious books, after all, although I do feel like it sometimes. I probably will in a few weeks.
Yes, I know I'm all over the place today. It's okay, though. Not much worth writing about happens on the weekend. Of course, not much worth writing about happens during the week either, but I still choose to write. The literary world would be very quiet if only the best ever wrote.