September 16th, 2006


Alphabet lessons, anyone?

I thought my cold was getting better. I was wrong.

The stuffed nose is back, and it's worse than ever. The headache is back too. On the bright side, the sore throat is almost gone.

This has apparently impaired my ability to know the order of the letters of the alphabet. I was looking up a word for my French presentation this afternoon, and I was beginning to wonder why I couldn't find it in my French/French dictionary. "Okay, let's try the English/French one," I thought. So I looked it up. It was there. I turned back to the French/French. It was there too. I was looking in the wrong third letter of the word.

Well, we can't say that education hasn't been wasted on me.
Also, yesterday I saw two butterflies and a cloud that looked like a heart in one direction and a rabbit in another direction. Yes, I still look for shapes in clouds. Yes, it's amusing. *heads back to work*
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Don't you just love my innate ability to procrastinate?

That's what I'm doing right now. I did get some stuff done, though, such as reading for French and women's studies (one article to go!) and reading the stuff for my French presentation. Now I just have to put the presentation together.

This should be fun.

All in all, it was less than I expected, but most of the work is for Tuesday anyway. I can do it tomorrow. However, I do need to start on my DE problem set right away because we all know how I am with technology.
Also, I'm still a little sick. It's more sniffly and headachey now, though. I'll be fine.