September 22nd, 2006


Today and stuff

The fire alarm went off at 7:20 this morning, ten minutes before my alarm clock went off. Several alarm clocks had already gone off in the room since Renu has a series of alarms to get her up (it's quite amusing), and Bria forgot to turn off her alarm clock before leaving for an early weekend. At first I thought it was my alarm clock, but then it hit me. That noise was even more annoying than my alarm clock.

So, being the incredibly shallow person that I am, I grabbed my purse and keys, put on some sandals, and headed for Alston. After sitting around for a few minutes, a bunch of us realized that we could just go ahead and get breakfast. For once I was thankful for my shallowness, for I had my student ID with me. The blueberries and blackberries made up for waking up so early, though.

After that came Winplotting my problem set, an Aurora meeting, last-minute studying for my French test, lunch, and French test (for which I was late...oops). The test wasn't a complete disaster, but I think I forgot some key points on the last question.

This afternoon Nico, Brittany, Chunying, Melissa (she's our non-officer officer; we adopted her), and I made posters for our first Infinity Club event. We got great lines like Chunying's moive (a misspelling of "movie"...and we were making these posters by hand) and Melissa's "Be there or be squared!" I love that. That reminds me; I should get some posters from Melissa to hang up. I had to leave early to finish that problem set (it was due at five; luckily we could just e-mail it to him).

Another thing I forgot: I ran into President Kiss on the way to dinner yesterday. We were talking about the weather all the way to Evans when a capped Smurf stopped her. The weather! It was still interesting, though. It shows that everyone's human, and I actually got to prove to myself that I can indeed talk to people.

I also need to do laundry this weekend. There must be a panty-eating beast in the laundry room. I swear I had more underwear than this when I left for Agnes. This saddens me. Most of my favourites are still here, but now I have to go out and buy more. I need new sandals, too. Trip, anyone?

To Do:
1. Laundry
2. Read for women's studies
3. Start NOW Bill of Rights assignment for women's studies (I'm studying it from a Chicana heterosexual feminist perspective)
4. Do DE Egrade stuff.
5. Read for French
6. Do astronomy homework and lab stuff
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Phone call with Mum

Mum called a few minutes ago. She tried to call earlier, but I had my cell phone on silent. She eventually called my room phone around fifteen minutes ago (10pm). During this time, I stepped out into the hall because Renu was napping. Also during this conversation, Hannah stepped into the hall, looked at the door across the hall from hers, and shrieked.

"What is it?" I asked.

"A spider! It's huge!" she exclaimed before running away.

I looked at it. Sure enough, it was about two inches big and halfway up the corner of the door. I ran into my room (Renu had woken up; I explained the whole thing to her), grabbed a sandal (one of the dilapidated ones), and returned with it. By this time, about five people had crowded around the spider. I handed the sandal to one of them, who slapped the spider and handed the sandal back to me. Success.

Also, before I got off the phone, I told Mum I had to get off because I was getting ready for a frat party, making sure to include details. Since we all know how much truth is in this (for those new to my story: absolutely none), I found Mum's reaction to be hilarious. "Getting drunk?" she nearly yelled into the phone. "You better not be!"

To which I laughed and told her that I just found her assumption that I would always be in at ten on Friday night amusing. Hannah heard this part on the way back in her room and said, "Hey, it happens to the best of us."

Indeed it does.