September 26th, 2006


My fellow humans amuse me.

First, if you don't already know, I take really long showers. We're talking half an hour here. With that out of the way, let's begin.

The water in my building has been just lukewarm since around yesterday morning. I meant to fill out a work order at Brenna's door but never got around to it since yesterday was the day of eternity. Yesterday's lukewarm shower drew the line, though, especially since I like almost-scalding water. After the fire drill last night, someone said, "It smells like someone just took a shower." I confessed that yes, I had just taken a shower, to which Brenna asked if the water was still lukewarm. Good, I thought. She already knows. I told her that yes, the water was still lukewarm.

Now to this morning. I was brushing my teeth, et cetera, this morning, when the morning showerers came in. They would turn on the shower, go to the bathroom and do other things, and then jump in the shower. Normally, this isn't such a terrible idea, although personally I like to feel the water against me the whole time. If you felt the water through my half-hour shower last night, though, you would have known that unless someone fixed the water during their shower, it wouldn't have gotten hot while they were waiting for it.

This amused me greatly.

Brenna did send out an e-mail this morning reminding everyone to sign their guests in and out, though. She added "P.S. Facilities is working on the hot water issue." Of course, the subject means that half the building will probably delete it and continue to let the water run in a vain attempt to warm it up before showering.

On the other hand, maybe I shouldn't underestimate them. We're all human, after all. Some are just more amusing than others.

Math in German. Sweet.

I had three conversations today (i.e., more than "Hello, how are you doing?" and stuff that I had to talk about) without feeling at all uncomfortable. I'm proud of myself.

I saw the coolest thing at work tonight, though. A math book in German. Yes, it rocked. Especially when I saw "Integration by substitution" in German and shrieked that out, to which Nico and I pored over the pages and dove into the math and the German. (Keep in mind that neither of us knows German. She took some French in high school, and she's taking Japanese now. I've studied French, Spanish, and Latin--in that order of knowledge.)

Yes, that was fun. Come to think of it, I could probably teach myself foreign languages with math. I know the math, so the language would be the hard part. Hey, it could work; I've read about people teaching themselves languages with Harry Potter, which I could probably also do, considering I've practically memorized the books.

Hey, there's an idea...
i walk this empty road

Yes, this warranted its own post.

There's hot water in the bathroom now. Yay.

The funny part, though, is watching the Agnes!wank in #FSO (For Students Only, the main folder for all your community drama). I peek in there now and then when I want a few minutes of entertainment, which is mostly what that folder's good for anyway. Come to think of it, #FSO would make an interesting study of cyberbullying. Seriously, would we really say some of the mean things we type out to someone's face?

Anyway, the hot water was out in another building too (coincidentially, the one next to mine), and someone complained about it. This led to a long reply, which received several more, et cetera. Unfortunately, Godwin's Law hasn't come in yet. That would have been amusing.

We do have hot water now, though, so I basked in it during my shower tonight. Mmm, almost-scalding hot water.