October 4th, 2006

chess: face to face

This one's for the Scotties.

Wordsmith.com's word of the day: Parietal.

Not that I use mine or anything. Why yes, I'm doing my French homework, even though today's always the longest day of the week for me.

I'm hosting a prospective tomorrow night. This should be interesting, especially since the prospective gets to see bonfire and the trashed quad. Dr. Riddle will be out of town Friday, but I'll still be in class to answer any questions that the calc kiddies will have. But hey, this means that DEs will be canceled too, so I can actually eat a long lunch after French and maybe get to French on time! Finally.

With that, back to work.
nanowrimo: nano is coming

Just had to announce this: details to come.

I think I have my plot for my Nanowrimo novel. Thank you, French homework.

I can't believe I'm writing some semblance of a romance novel, though. Okay, so it's not really a romance, but it has potential to become such. All my previous novels had some shred of it that never developed because of the real "plot".

Off to lunch!