October 5th, 2006

nanowrimo: in soviet russia

Nanowrimo 2006: The Plot

All right. I know this is what you've all been waiting for. My NaNoWriMo plot.

The French homework question was to go into great detail about our love lives. I did...only I made everything up.

I created a chick who dropped out of college after a year because she was tired of sitting in a classroom to do her learning and because, well, she could. She moved to New York, found a studio apartment (Right now I'm thinking Alphabet City, specifically Avenue D, but that could change), and got a job at a coffee shop1. She worked there for about a year, observing the comings and goings of the people while spending her time outside of work wandering the city and taking in the little things while hanging out with the college kids, even though she wasn't one.

During this time, an artist of about 25 came in the coffee shop, and he would draw while drinking coffee and looking out the window. She wondered why on earth he would be drawing the outdoors from the inside instead of from the outside, and she finally asked him. When she received his answer, she realized that they had the exact same view of the world. After a few dates, they were spending all the time they could together...until he mentioned the m-word. This was something she wasn't ready for. Not because she didn't want it at that point, but because she didn't want it ever. She wanted to be free, to finish college, and to experience another life, so she broke up with him even though she was in love with him.

She transferred yet somewhere else for the last three years of college. (Yes, she managed to stay in one school for three years. Aren't you proud of her?) During these last three years she had many flings but could never experience a real relationship because she wanted to be free of anything holding her down, a significant other included. After graduating, though, she realized that one person had made such a difference in her life that she wanted to return to him: the artist she met in New York. So a week after graduation with no idea what she wanted to do for a living, she hops another plane to New York to find him with a small photo album of them and three-year-old contact information.

And I have no idea what's going to happen after that. I think I'm going to start at graduation day and go from there. We'll see what happens.

I can't believe I'm writing a romance.
Anyway, I'm hosting a prospective tonight. She chose a really good night to come, considering tonight's bonfire night. This'll be interesting. Here, have a to-do list.

1. Bonfire
2. Host prospective
3. Go to calc tomorrow; answer questions
4. Finish reading for French
5. Lunch; go to French
6. Cheer 2009 on during Field Day; take work with me
7. Dinner and JP
8. Get work done this weekend, during which time you'll get another to-do list

1See? A coffee shop appears in every single one of my novels. Well, except for my 2004 novel. The town that novel was set in was too small for a coffee shop. It didn't even have a gas station.