October 7th, 2006

calvin and hobbes: don't want to study

Black Cat is over. Le gasp.

For those new to my story (or even all you non-Agnes people), most of this entry will cause mass confusion. Just warning you.

We finished last again in Black Cat. All the sweat, blood, and tears from the same few people for this. Now I wasn't as involved in Black Cat as I was last year; after all, Black Cat coincided with the opening of the NaNoWriMo forums, and a community of fellow writers during my favourite time of year, along with schoolwork, take a little priority over Black Cat when I do have to prioritize. I did what I could do, though--I paid my dues; I decorated at midnight and cleaned everything up; I played at Trivia night, taking time off from work (we got second place!).

/me jumps on soapbox

Now one reason I think some people are reluctant to help out isn't because of apathy or lack of class spirit or even because of busy schedules. These are all reasons that people don't volunteer their time during Black Cat, but I don't think these are all the reasons. There's one other reason that--in my opinion--is extremely important.

They don't think their contributions are valuable to the class.

Everyone likes to feel valued. Nobody likes to feel like a minion doing someone's bidding. We're a class, not a group of people knit together letting the Black Cat chairs tell us what to do, what to decorate, which way to move. Yes, the chairs are there for a reason. We need some organization. Along with that, though, we need a larger group of people who care about the end result. We need people who can devote at least some of their talents and time, no matter how little. Paying class dues does not take that long! If the dues-paying amount or times don't work, contact the class treasurer; surely she'll work with you to get your dues paid.

Most importantly, though, we need chairs who will tell everyone that their contributions are valuable, no matter how small. Our chairs this year have done a good job and have worked extremely hard, but some people still aren't convinced. In fact, our chairs can only do so much; in the end the responsibility lies with the class as a whole. It's why the Gold Diggers still have such a small Black Cat base.

So before we can garner more class spirit, we must first convince the class that every contribution is valuable, from paying dues to making decorations to (next year) participating in Junior Production. I remember seeing a poster together declaring the power of idiots in large groups. Well, we Gold Diggers aren't idiots, but we do have power in large groups. We are in this together. Let's make it fun--together.

/me jumps off soapbox
hitchhiker's guide: towel

Oh, I meant to update, didn't I?

I didn't go to Black Cat formal. As you can tell, I'm here instead. I took myself out to dinner, wandering around downtown Decatur and letting my feet do the walking instead of my mind until I found just the right place to eat. I encountered a gas station (yes, a gas station!) and a woman who was on the way back from Kroger. We talked for awhile until she crossed a street in the other direction, and that left me in front of Mick's. This was the place, I thought, as I looked at the open patio. So I went in. The hostess asked me where I wanted to sit. I told her I didn't have a preference, but she saw Dr. Nbook and suggested the bar area, as it was quieter.

It was a great place for observing the interactions of people. Remember, Astra Leigh's (my main character--she has a last name, but she dropped it when she left for New York so she could assume a new identity) going to be doing this even more than I do in November. So I decided to get some practice tonight to sharpen my skill. There was a fortyish couple who, based on the conversations I heard, were an upper-class southern couple who were Braves fans and came there regularly. Apparently other people there knew them too, including the man at the bar, a twentyish guy who enjoys acting and (based on what I heard) wants to pursue it. He was apparently also a Braves fan and friendly with that couple. They appeared to know each other quite well. The couple stayed longer than I did, and we know how I eat.

On the way back, my feet carried me to Coldstone for ice cream. On a whim, I chose coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and bits of Heath bar mixed in. Mmm... (For those who don't know, I like coffee in just about any form except liquid form. That reminds me; I need to get some chocolate-covered coffee beans for November.) Then I saw a store called Square Roots. I was immediately intrigued and entered.

After looking around for a bit, I saw some blank journals, including one that said "Write it down" on the cover. Well, we know how I am about journals. I bought it, even though I have another blank journal waiting to be used. If they weren't so expensive I would have bought two. Oh well. That's what winning NaNoWriMo is for. So I told the two people at the register that I was buying a journal without finishing one first, and they said it was okay because you can never have too many journals. (True, true.) So we wound up talking about journaling, and when I mentioned that I'm on Dr. Nbook 57, they said that I should write a book. To which I replied (of course) that I will be doing that next month. Next thing I know, I'm giving them the NaNoWriMo website.

Because we all know I promote NaNoWriMo all the time.

I was doing some ego-googling tonight with my various usernames, and when I got to my LJ name, I found this. Apparently I'm authorized to give out Sushi Info. Hee.