October 9th, 2006


I think I'm losing it.

Today was long. Really long. It started at eight, where I was helping set up for Great Scott, one of the admissions events at Agnes. I had to leave that early for calc, then trying to work on other things, then filling out a paper timesheet since AscAgnes is broken, then lunch, French, and DEs.

Now work is the fun part. Remember when I offered to help the calc kiddies during the canceled class time on Friday, yet nobody showed up? Granted, this is an 8:45am class, and personally, I would have used the time to catch up on sleep (which most of them probably did). Today at work, though, I saw about ten of them from Dr. Riddle's two sections of calculus. I had joked in class this morning that everyone must have mastered the problem set because nobody showed up, but everyone flocked to me this afternoon at work. We had the calc table, and I was bouncing from person to person when they asked questions. It gets more interesting. One person asked me what "labeling the diagram" meant in relation to finding the zeros. This little gem came out.

"Oh, it means you just label the zeros," I replied. And then I started singing.

"Here a zero, there a zero,
And another little zero.
Funny zero, fuzzy zero,
Zero Zero Duck!"

And everyone at the table cracked up. Yes, the function s(t) that defines the amount of sanity in me is approaching 0 as t->infinity. (I'm too lazy to look up the infinity code, dear. Deal with it.)

I still have to read for women's studies and unpack the birdcage/oppression analogy since I haven't done that yet. Wow, I'm such a slacker. I also have more to write about, but I'll do that later. Don't you love how the amount of stuff I have in my mind to write about is inversely proportionate to the amount of time I have to write?

Now, for food!
mice with clipboards

Welcome! Introduce yourself! Et cetera!

I forgot this earlier. I found a slip in my mailbox today telling me that for security reasons, we would have to show ID to claim packages starting 16 October. An ID with my picture and "God" popped into my mind. Imagine explaining that one to the postal workers, should it happen again. *giggles*

Also, I've suddenly acquired a bunch of new people on my friends list over the past few days because of NaNoWriMo. So welcome! Introduce yourself! Tell me something about yourself, about your plot (if you have one), your characters, why you joined NaNoWriMo, anything you want. Even if you've know me for years (or even for more than a week), go ahead and introduce yourself. I'm not picky.

I guess I should introduce myself first for the benefit of the new people to get things started. (Black Cat is not the best time to stumble upon my journal, I must admit.) So hi. I'm Sujin (sushimustwrite at the NaNo forums). Call me Sujin, Sushi... I'm not overly pickly picky. While we're on that topic, I don't like pickles or salt. Anyway. I'm nineteen, a second-year college student in Atlanta, and currently a math and French major. I refuse to answer the "What do you want to do with that major?" question on the ground that I don't know the answer. Outside of frantic novel-writing, I enjoy reading, grammar, languages, wikis, and trivia, among other things. I'm sure other people can come up with a more interesting description of me (ever notice that we always write the worst descriptions for ourselves?), but there we go. On to the NaNo-related stuff. This is more interesting; trust me.

This year will be my fifth year doing NaNoWriMo, meaning my first year was my second year of high school. I found out about it while journal-hopping. My first and second attempts to write a novel failed miserably (I was twelve), so when I found out about NaNo, I dove it, only never to return. I've won every year, including the first year, during which I wrote half the novel in the last five days and met my muse during that time. I even wrote my college application essay on NaNo (and still got in!), but that's another story.

What do I write? I normally write lit fic without the lit; this year I'm bordering on the romance. While some people start planning their plots months in advance, I don't. In fact, my novels look very unplanned next to theirs (and next to some of yours!), but it's okay. I'll know where it's going when I get started. I do have some semblance of a plot for this year's NaNo novel, and even a name for my main character (Astra Leigh...she has a last name, but she doesn't use it). That's usually all I need to get going.

One last thing. Since I don't usually plan, this isn't a journal just for NaNo-related stuff, as some of you may have figured out. Everything goes here. I'm sure some of my friends get tired of reading about NaNo-related excitement in May, but I'm not that organised. Feel free to read, comment, et cetera, on anything you want, though, NaNo-related or not.

That's enough about me, though. Let's hear about you!