October 13th, 2006

le petit prince: soleil

So it's finally the weekend.

That's right, finally. This has been a long week, especially one sans Internet. Here's to hoping it gets fixed soon.

I had an Aurora meeting this morning, during which Kristen (editor-in-chief) and told everyone about Aurora and what it involved. That reminds me; I need to reserve a table for our first event in a few weeks and e-mail people to help out because I know I can't help much. Crazy lunch schedules.

Also, I'm helping with a GRE workshop on Monday afternoon. It's the math part, so I can do that. Yay for shiny stuff I can put on my résumé. That reminds me; I should probably start planning for the next Infinity Club movie night since Nico won't be at that one. We could probably start pimping it now and actually get more people to come. Yes, that's what we'll do. Unfortunately, they won't get Klein Four group cookies at this one. Boo. Oh well. I'll have to figure out some sort of refreshment for this one, though. Free food is always a good bribe.

Sure enough, Mum got on to me for not calling Dad for his birthday. It was on Wednesday. As we all know, Wednesdays are the longest days of my week, so I had a pretty good excuse. I had a good time explaining to Mum why my astronomy labs are at night, though. "Um, because we observe stars and stuff, and the stars and stuff are out at night," I told her while trying not to crack up.

She also asked me if I had decided whether to go back to hell Ringgold for fall break. I'm torn. I can either go back, experience Mum's home-cooked meals, be stuck in the middle of nowhere for four days, OR I can stay here where almost nobody'll be around, but at least I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

Okay, that decides it. I'd rather do what I want. Plus I'll actually get stuff done. Ha. I see that happening sometime soon. At least they're not coming for family weekend. That's the first weekend of November, and we know what that means. They'll be clinging to me and making me cling to them, and I'll be escaping them the entire time so I can write my novel.

This weekend, however, I just have tons of reading, DE homework, and astronomy homework to do, so off we go!